Sunday, February 16, 2014

Another Drudge "Knockout Game" Post

The fear of young black men is so deeply embedded in they consciousness of the racist assholes that frequent the Drudge Report. They fearfully buy guns, watch the Florida "Stand Your Ground" trials with baited breath, and exaggerate the frequency of the knockout game. Here we have a small local news story that opened the floodgates to the racist assholes that are paralyzed in fear of young black men at the Drudge Report.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

David Duke: A Case Study

Facts have a well known liberal bias. The dipshits that frequent the comment sections of Drudge or Breitbart can barely spell, let alone understand the ideological shift of the parties during the second half of the twentieth century. These fucking morons drudge up ancient political history and somehow try to peg the modern view of a party to it. Somehow, using ridiculous mental gymnastics, they absolve themselves of racism because the Democratic party catered to white racist southerners prior to 1970. They remain blind to all the party switchers. Every member of the Harry F. Byrd machine, Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, even David Duke. Fuck, that worthless senile actor they so love to put on a podium kicked off his 1980 presidential race talking about "States Rights" in a town where civil rights workers were murdered.

Check out this article. David Duke runs Stormfront, was a Democrat, then a Republican, and now a Tea Partier.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Right Fears Challenges to Hegimony

They are suffering from a severe drought of original content over at News Max. Apparently posting a transcript from Rush Limbaugh qualifies as worthy content. It must be lucrative, because there's no shortage of comments or advertisements for boner meds and retirement advice on the website.

The underlying principle of the article is that somehow heterosexuality is "under assault." The idea of heterosexuality itself isn't being attacked, it's the idea that heterosexuality should continue to be treated preferentially. This is the typical bitching of the Right whenever there's a slip in their hegemony in some section of our culture. Look at Phyllis Schlafly's fight against the ERA and conservative opposition to the Civil Rights Movement.  Apparently rights are a zero sum game, and conservatives while fight the expansion of rights as long as they threaten their most preferred status in society.

On the lighter side, we have nutguilty channeling his inner Tobias and failing to recognize the ironic innuendo of his comment: