Thursday, August 14, 2014

Drudge Readers Turn News Article's Comment Section into a Festering Pit

 I never expect much from the scum at the Drudge Report, but they continue to be a honey pot of festering racism. These assholes, I have followed their Disqus profile and watched them trickle into this site via the stat tracker embedded on this site for advertising purposes. I've even seen it where these assholes post a link to this site on hate sites like Stormfront. Well, here's the latest batch of assholes and what they did to the comment section of this news article. Link

Even more of this garbage after the break.

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Southern Strategy Concisely Explained

Here we have George H.W. Bush's campaign manager explaining the Southern Strategy, or the Republican Party's adoption of the Southern White vote.

Drudge Readers and Their Views on the Ebola Virus

When I am hunting out articles that are ripe for the picking. Any article linked from Drudge involving Africa or the inner city is a prime candidate. Have a look at what these readers have to say about Africa and the Ebola virus.